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 9/9/07 Fahrenheit coming to Malaysia for charity singing

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PostSubject: 9/9/07 Fahrenheit coming to Malaysia for charity singing   Sun Sep 09, 2007 9:45 pm

Fahrenheit coming to Malaysia for charity singing on 24 September

Taiwan boy band Fahrenheit has been busy with dramas and endorsement from different areas this year, after our local record companyís repeated hard work, previously unable to fix a empty slot for them to come and meet up with the fans from Malaysia, thus 24 Septemberís large scale charity show is going to be the first ever event for the four members of Fahrenheit, including Arron who did not attend Taipeiís ďX-Family OSTĒ autograph session due to leg injuries, and Jiro, Calvin and Wu Zun!

According to trustworthy news, this charity show was organized by Wan Mei (China) daily necessities company, according to the theme of Moon cake Festival, specially chose the date to be the eve of the festival (24 September) 7pm in the evening, holding it in Bukit Jali sports stadium. Other than famous Fahrenheit, there will also be many singers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Going to receive treatment of a superstar
As Fahrenheitís this trip to Malaysia is a very packed schedule, their stay in Malaysia is less than 24 hours. According to news, they are going to arrive on the noon of the concert, and going to leave on the 25th early noon, the whole tripís open activity is only limited to the concert, thus all Fahrenheit fans have to start to prepare for a close follow!

As the places Fahrenheit are, will surely attract a large bunch of fans, according to the news, the organizing committee of the charity concert has specially prepared 10 body guards to protect them for the whole journey! Similarly, for Fahrenheitís trip to Malaysia, they will receive treatment of a superstar, other than the 6 to 8 work crew and assistants who are following them, the group of 10-12 peopleís accommodation fees and Fahrenheitís reward for the sing has already reached 350 thousand ringgit!

Popular Fahrenheit coming back after nearly a year of rest, successfully attracted thousands of fans from all over the world at early this monthís Taipei autograph session. There were even fans who went there a few days earlier to queue up, wanting to witness Fahrenheitís singing full strength. This believe that Fahrenheitís 924 first ever Malaysia trip will definitely create a commotion in the city; Malaysian fans must be prepared to fight the battle!

Translated by Tiffany
Credits: http://fahrenheit-globa1.actifforum.com
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PostSubject: Re: 9/9/07 Fahrenheit coming to Malaysia for charity singing   Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:30 pm

ya!! ive heard it...
but, arron not in the concert lol...

my frend said tat he come to malaysia too..
but he dont come to the concert...
mayb he stay at the hotel...

soo dissapointed...

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9/9/07 Fahrenheit coming to Malaysia for charity singing
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