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 “Hot Shot” challenges ratings; Jerry, Show & Chun

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PostSubject: “Hot Shot” challenges ratings; Jerry, Show & Chun   Fri Jun 20, 2008 6:02 pm

Show Luo (right) has a make-over to look like Xu Zhi Mo; romantic “imagination” scene with female lead Zhou Cai Shi (left)

“Hot Shot” is set out to compete with Taiwan’s highest rating drama “Fated to Love You”. CTV and GTV racked their brains to attract viewers; yesterday (June 17th) announced that if the rating of the first episode wins against “Fated to Love You”, the 3 main male leads Jerry Yan, Show Luo and Wu Zun will reveal their upper body. Upon hearing this, Show did not hesitate to say: “No problem!”

Yesterday, at the Shanghai Film Festival for his debut movie “Sword Butterfly”, Wu Zun, when told about this, thought very seriously before saying: “But I don’t think this is a big deal, because in the drama, I already will reveal my upper body.” Also in Shanghai, Jerry is currently filming his new drama “Stardust”. His manager expressed that they have not yet been informed this news but Jerry put a lot of effort into “Hot Shot” so evidently, he hopes the drama will do well.

Since both Chun and Jerry are in mainland China at the moment, it is up to Show to promote “Hot Shot” and attract viewers. Yesterday at 100% Entertainment, a 1-minute preview of “Hot Shot” was shown. Not only did Show promise to reveal his upper body if ratings win against “Fated to Love You”, he also shouted to viewers: “Summer is here! Mums, please hand the remote to your children; playing basketball is very rewarding, yet good exercise.”

Show also said, although “Fated to Love You” is gaining tremendously good ratings, he actually does not feel a lot of pressure. Plus, when he saw the 1-minute preview of “Hot Shot”, he feels it is very attracting, hence he has more confidence to promote it. He also honestly expressed that at first, he did think that “Hot Shot” should air after “Fated to Love You” has finished because after all, “Fated to Love You” already has such amazing ratings, hence the audience will most likely want to watch it till the end. However, he says this decision lies upon the broadcasting networks, so he can only do his best on his part.

Show also posted a photo of a very funny scene in the drama on his blog. In this scene, he has a make-over to look like Xu Zhi Mo, and is a romantic “imagination” scene with female lead Zhou Cai Shi. However, he says his new well-groomed fringe feels like a wig and is “so ugly”. At the time, the scene was filmed at a local university and the passer-bys could not even recognize Show. Show said he was initially going to fix a beard on too, but the director could not stand it and said to him: “If u fix a beard on, this drama will really turn into a comedy, just concentrate on acting well.”

Source: wuchunfever
Translated by x-WISHFULthinking
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“Hot Shot” challenges ratings; Jerry, Show & Chun
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