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 Jiro was exposed for ‘eating’ fried rice with Genie

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PostSubject: Jiro was exposed for ‘eating’ fried rice with Genie   Sat Jun 07, 2008 4:33 pm

It was also rumoured that Jiro had fried rice in his mouth while Danson had goose’s liver sauce and Genie’s passionate kisses.In ‘Rolling out Love’, Jiro and Danson starred in the roles of a Chinese Chef and a French Chef respectively. Since both Jiro and Danson had kissing scenes with Genie, she was being asked which guy is better at kissing. Genie expressed that both were good as it was merely a touch-and-go kiss. Jiro quickly refuted the explanation by Genie by adding that there are other exceptional things as well, not just the normal kiss. Zhang Fei joked that whether there is goose liver sauce in the mouth of the French Chef or Fried Rice in the mouth of the Chinese Chef when kissing since the kiss was not normal. This caused laughter amongst the crowd. Genie, in order to act out the role of the blind singer in the drama, pretended to be blind and thus resulted in her eyes becoming very dry.
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Jiro was exposed for ‘eating’ fried rice with Genie
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