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 Busy Jiro Wang met an accident?!

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PostSubject: Busy Jiro Wang met an accident?!   Sat Jun 07, 2008 4:23 pm

Jiro Wang known for thirftiness, took taxi to work recently, his face helpless, “I was extremely hurt, because I don’t have enough sleep, i met with an accident when i rode the motorbike last time so my mother does not let me ride a bike!”

‘Rolling Love’ is under intense shooting, Wang Dongcheng disclosed that he rests for 2 hours a day, he even feel like dozing off when he stopped at the traffic light and in turn got horned by other vehicles. After meeting with an accident made him realized he really need to be vigilant, he said, “The shooting ends at 2 to 3 am, there are not many vehicles on the road at this time, I only have an abrasion, but my mother was scared. I do not want her to worry.”

Jiro Wang likes riding a motorbike very much, although he does not have the money to buy other vehicles, the shooting crew discloses that if fans are at the scene, Wang Dongcheng will perform locomotive aerobatic display, making them yell with joy.

Wang Dongcheng had calculated earnestly, whether simply to buy vehicle instead of walking, but he said, “Charge for petrol, parking fee, upkeep with a fee of permit etc, cannot sleep on the vehicle, riding the taxi seems to be quite cost-effective.” He only take the taxi in early morning from his house to the shooting venue. At the end of the day he rather waits for the crew to drop him on their way home, being economic is the highest guiding principle.
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Busy Jiro Wang met an accident?!
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