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 Wu Chun buys brand watches to be a MAN..

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PostSubject: Wu Chun buys brand watches to be a MAN..   Sat Jun 07, 2008 4:21 pm

Because of opening up a gym, the thought of being an owner should have a nice watch to match the status."
Wu Zun usually likes the sporty styles, the watch dial it self big or small, thickness, shape or style design are all considered when he chooses for his collecting. He discloseds to reward himself for the hard work lately, he has to immediately buy another one, is expecting to spend about $20,000, he's already seen a few brands already, asking him doesn't he find brand names are expensive? He says: "Not really, if I were to buy bags or clothes, I'm reluctant, but watches can be passed on to the family, why don't you think about it, wearing if for life, once you've averaged the amount you spent, it actually works out to be very cost effective".
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Wu Chun buys brand watches to be a MAN..
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