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 [22080406]Hot Shot Wraps up Filming~Chun+Show??

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PostSubject: [22080406]Hot Shot Wraps up Filming~Chun+Show??   Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:41 am

"Hot Shot" Finishes Filming, Chun Wu and Show Lo a Couple? A Kissing Toast


GTV's "Hot Shot" had it's filming wrap-up party a few days ago. After 3 cups of "yellow soup" (alcohol), Director Lin He Long shared his afterthought of working with three big idols. He said that Jerry tries too hard, hope he'd relax, Show is very smart, but too confident at times, Chun's acting skills was better than in "Romantic Princess" but his Mandarin is just as bad as before.

Also, Lin He Long especially pointed out Show and Chun as the "Talk-Back Duo." He said, "They both love to talk back, Chun in 2nd place, and Show in first!" Upon hearing the director say this, Show immediately shared an embarrassing story of Lin He Long, "It was raining this one time when we were filming, I was holding an umbrella and the director yelled at me for being girly, but please, he [the director] was sitting there under a $5 million parasol/umbrella, that even more girly than I am!"
He also said, "The director was really angry and threw the script, so I said, 'You're going to have to pick it up again.'" Chun revealed that because of the last experience working with him, he learned this time to run away to duck away from Lin He Long's cursing, he would arrive at the filming on perfect timing, "I'm here and there, so even when the director wants to yell at me, he can't, haha!"

It's been spread into the public that Chun is Show's girlfriend. With this rare chance of meeting each other, they were forced to play "tonsil hockey." Chun immediately went up and put his hands on Show's face for a forced kiss, but Show very shyly ducked away.

The two of them toasted each table, which made everyone joked that it was like "A groom and bride coming for a toast." Also, Coco Chiang has a habit of using heat packs, putting them under her arms and legs. So Show turned it into a comical tune.
Even though she was made fun of, Coco told expressed to the director, "Director is just like a heat pack, warmth in my heart." Having been complimented by a beautiful girl, Lin He Long laughed and said, "Just don't put me under your arms or legs!" which had everyone riled up in laughter.

Source: CDN News
Translated by o_ost1nao_o @ Show's International English Forum

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PostSubject: Re: [22080406]Hot Shot Wraps up Filming~Chun+Show??   Sat May 17, 2008 4:39 pm

oh. here in the philippines, a local tv network had this imported right away. with Romantic Princess. (i really don't like Angela.) but it's until later that they will show it on national tv. they're going to show They Kissed Again (It Started with a Kiss 2) first. but i'd like to see Hot Shots first! Sad
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[22080406]Hot Shot Wraps up Filming~Chun+Show??
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